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I wonder if you suffer from hay-fever? We can’t see the pollen that causes the runny, watery and puffy eyes, the itchy nose and for some people problems with breathing. But we can sure feel the effects of it on our bodies. Fortunately these days there are lots of medication available to help alleviate the suffering that hay-fever produces. 
We suffer from the effects of sin (our breaking of God’s laws
 and disobeying  His commands), but there doesn’t seem to be any consequences when we do. However, the effects are hidden until we stand before God, our sinful lives are revealed and we find ourselves subject to His wrath and judgement. But there is a cure and it is found only in God’s Son the Lord Jesus Christ. If by faith we believe that when He died on the cross He was punished for our wrong doings, and confess our sin,He will take our guilt and punishment away.  It will be dealt with once and for all. Then one day when we arrive at heaven, there will be no punishment only a rich welcome into everlasting life with Him. There are many cures for hay-fever, but only one for our sin. Are you willing to take that cure?

With  love from the fellowship of Blaina Evangelical Church