Blaina Evangelical Church

Brrrrrrrrr! Chilly Winter’s greetings to everyone this cold and snowy day🌨❄️

I wonder what the view from your front door or window is like? This is the view from our front door. 
Some people might think not it’s much of a view with the road and garage opposite. But the trees in Spring and especially Autumn are really beautiful, and the view of the mountain is ever changing and lovely to see. I wonder what you think of your view. In heaven, there’s one view we’ll see forever and we’ll never get tired of it. We’ll know and enjoy the presence of God the Father, but we won’t see Him because He’s invisible. But we will always see the beautiful and wonderful one who made it possible for us to go to heaven and live there forever. We’ll never tire of looking at our glorious Saviour, the Lord Jesus. There isn’t a more fantastic view to look at for eternity. The question is – will He be the view that are enjoying forever more?


With love from Blaina Evangelical Church