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To eat them or not them? That is the question.

Autumn time is when a fungus appear in abundance. The best known are mushrooms and toadstools. Some of them look 👀 good enough to eat. But we need to be very careful which ones we should serve up for breakfast, with a steak, in an omelette or in a vegetarian dish. Because the wrong ones could make us very ill or worse still. 
When  it comes choosing the way to going to heaven,  it can be even more dangerous than picking the wrong fungus to eat. Because there’s one right way (God’s way) and one wrong way, and while they may both look the same, one will lead to heaven and one will lead us away from it. You could ask an expert on fungi which are okay to eat (if there happens to be one handy), look in a book or on the internet or just buy them in the shops. This will save all the bother of having to learn which is which and go out and find some, as well as ensuring they are safe to eat. When it comes to going to heaven, Jesus has got it all wrapped up for us. All we have to do is trust and believe in Him to deal with our sin, make us God’s friend and take us to heaven. He’s the expert, He’s is God’s way and in Him we will safely arrive at heaven and live there forever more. So which route are you taking to heaven – the one that is guaranteed to be safe or your own way which will lead you away from God and a home there? Choose the Jesus way and you’ll never, ever regret it.


With love from Blaina Evangelical Church 

As the Corona virus strikes back, we need to follow the rules and keep ourselves and each other safe. But getting to heaven is not about following the rules – it’s about trusting in the Lord Jesus to take you there.