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What do you think about Valentine’Day? Romantic or just an opportunity for shops to make money out of our desire to express our love for someone?
People might ask how do I know God loves me? Well, He didn’t send us a card, or flowers or give us a dvd. He doesn’t take us out for a meal or to the cinema or away for a romantic weekend. So what is God’s gift to us to prove that He loves us? The Bible tells us that God loves so much that He gave us the gift of His only Son the Lord Jesus Christ, so that be believing in Him we have everlasting life in heaven with God. A gift so precious we cannot place a value on it. A gift that will be ours for eternity. A gift that is freely given to us because God loves us, and wants to spend not just a lifetime with us but forever. So this Valentine’s Day, if you receive no cards or no other gifts, accept God’s loving and precious gift to you. You will never, ever regret the day that you did.

With  love from the fellowship of Blaina Evangelical Church