Blaina Evangelical Church

Hi Everyone. 
Sorry we’ve been away for so long, but we’re back at last.

Take a look at this photograph of a plant. Looks nice and healthy doesn’t it?
Now take a look at these two photographs. Can you see what’s wrong with it?
It looks healthy on top but the trunk has rotted inside, meaning that the plant’s life will be short lived and the leaves will soon wither and die.
We look at ourselves and think God sees us as okay. Sadly the truth is that we are rotten inside because of our sin, which means that we are dead to God. As a result of this, we cannot know Him, enjoy His love and go to heaven and live there with Him forever. But the good news is that the Lord Jesus can heal us, make us whole and spiritually healthy if we ask Him to. Which means that we can know God and be His friend, 
and enjoy a loving and everlasting relationship with Him. So who are you relying onto make you look good and healthy to God? You – which will only mean a sad ending, or the Lord Jesus with friendship with God and a home in heaven guaranteed. Only with Jesus healing our hearts can we live happily ever after.

Apart for its call and being in clocks, do you know what the cuckoo is well known for?

Well done if you said laying its eggs in other birds’nests.  The poor host birds are fooled into thinking they are busy rearing their own chick, when they are in fact bringing up an intruder. The cuckoo gets to increase its population all thanks to the efforts of the poor adopted parents. 
Sadly the devil fools us into thinking that we are living with God and everything is okay between us and Him. The reality is that we are totally cut off from God because of our sin, and we cannot bridge the gap between us and Him. The good news is that when the Lord Jesus died on the cross, He made it possible for us to become a real member of God’s family and not just a pretend one. Only those that Jesus has healed their hearts and brought into that real relationship with God, will be allowed into heaven. Sadly everyone else will be treated as an intruder and locked out of there forever. So don’t let the devil keep fooling you. Ask God to show you the truth and give you everlasting life through His Son Jesus Christ.

Keep staying safe and please feel free to contact us or join us for our Sunday services and other meetings.
With love from the Fellowship of Blaina Evangelical Church