Blaina Evangelical Church

Hi. Welcome to our website. Our church building may be closed, but we are still here to offer comfort and hope with God’s Word, to share His love, and to offer support both practically and prayerfully.

Boiled eggs – how do you like yours done? Some people like them boiled hard, and then pick the shell off before eating them. Me, I like them runny so that I can dip my soldiers in them. Sadly more often than not, I over do them and they’re not solid but they’re not runny either. But you can’t tell what they’re like until you open them up.
When it comes us, God likes to see that we’re not hard boiled or undercooked inside but perfect. We can only see ourselves from the outside and think we look okay. However, when God looks at us on the inside He sees that we’re not as good as we think and certainly not good enough to go to heaven. Only the Lord Jesus can make us those who are pleasing to God on the inside, and those who God will accept into heaven. So don’t be overcooked or undercooked when it comes to God. Let the Lord Jesus make you just right for Him.

With love from Blaina Evangelical Church 

We continue to pray for you. If you would like us to pray for you or someone else individually, please get in touch. We are pleased to support you if you need someone to talk to. Just contact us via the website.

Stay safe and look after the NHS and each other