Blaina Evangelical Church

Hi. Welcome to our website. Thank you for visiting it. We hope it will be a means of blessing to you.

It’s been really strange not being able to celebrate Harvest Festival as a church this year. But we still remember that all we have is provided by our good and kind God, and give thanks to Him for all that He gives us. The Bible reminds us of God’s provision in chapter 104 verses 14 – 15 of a book called Psalms. It says “He makes the grass grow for the cattle and plants for the people to cultivate – bringing forth food from the earth: wine that gladdens human hearts, oil to make their faces shine and bread that sustains their hearts”(NIV).
In the midst of these strange times, it’s good to know that God keeps providing for us. Will you say thank you to Him for all the good things He provides for you?
God’s greatest provision is not our daily bread and everything we else we daily need, but His making a way for us to go to heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ. Have you received that provision and given Him thanks for it?
As we live in uncertain and changing times, it’s good to know that God and His love for us our unchanging.

We hope and pray you will stay safe, but we pray especially that you will ask the Lord Jesus to keep you safe forever.

With love from Blaina Evangelical Church