Blaina Evangelical Church

Christmas greetings to everyone near and far!🎄

Somethings may be different about Christmas this year, but some things will be the same as they are every year. The Christmas tree, the presents, the cards, Christmas dinner and of course Christmas tv. It’s good that these things stay the same, in spite of having been through a very different and often difficult year. But there’s one thing about Christmas that hasn’t changed for over two thousand years, and it will go on staying the same until God says otherwise. The Christmas story of a baby born in a stable and laid in a manger because there was no room at the inn. The angels told the shepherds the good news of a baby who was the Saviour of the world. That is the One God had promised to come and make things right between Himself and the world. He was given the name Jesus, because He would save His people from being lost to God forever. Through  His death on the cross He would deal with our sin (our wrong doing and rebellion) against God, and make it possible not only for us to know Him, but to spend forever with Him in heaven.

We all have our Christmas traditions, but this year why not do something different and come and seek the Lord Jesus as did the shepherds of old? Like them, you will find Him and He will deal with your sin and make you one of God’s children. Christmas will be extra special this year if you do, because He will not only be the Saviour of the world but your Saviour who has prepared a home in heaven for you.

We wish you a safe, joyful and peaceful Christmas, but most of all we pray it will be a Jesus filled one!


With love from Blaina Evangelical Church