Blaina Evangelical Church

We live in strange times. Who ever thought that we would see empty shelves and such drastic measures being taken to do battle against this invasive disease. As a result of government measures taken to to try and combat it, our church services and activities have been cancelled until further notice.
The good news for us as Christians is although we might struggle to find toilet rolls, we’ll never ever run out of God’s love, and always know His comfort and presence.  He has promised to be our ever present help, and to never leave us or forsake us. So even though we can’t meet together as His people, we will always have Him with us, anywhere and everywhere. He isn’t the God of a building, but of every heart that has come to Him through the Lord Jesus Christ.
Today as we face these uncertain times, will you face them alone or with the strength and comfort of the God who cares for  you and wants you to share in His love and blessings?

With love from Blaina Evangelical Church