Blaina Evangelical Church

If you visit this website regularly, you will notice that it doesn’t contain the amount of information it once did or get updated so regularly. That’s because most of what we have to say is now on Facebook or Twitter. I suppose it’s what we call progress, when other things replace something which becomes more or less redundant and perhaps obsolete.

Some people view the Word of God (the Bible) like this. They think it has no relevance today, and is out of touch with the modern world. It’s been replaced by the likes of science and what man has to say about things instead of God. But I’ll tell you a secret. The Bible is never out of date, it’s always relevant and is always true and reliable. It is God’s means of communicating to this world who He is and how we can have a loving and eternally lasting relationship with Him. Not sure? Then come and find out for yourself and you can make your own mind up which view of God’s Word is correct.

With love from Blaina Evangelical Church