Hi Juniteens

Good News!🙂😀🙃 A new Juniteen Time can be on YouTube every Friday at 7.00 p.m. Meanwhile you can still see all the other ones on the Juniteens playlist here.
We really hope you’ll join in👍🥳😄😎

Friday 30 October

Sadly we are still not able to re-start Juniteen Youth Club and Juniteen Sunday Club at this time. Check out the website or our Facebook page to stay up to date with what’s happening. Please pray that God will keep us all safe, and that it won’t be too long before we’re back on Friday nights and Sundays.

Thank you for visiting the JUNITEEN page on the website. We hope you enjoy it and have fun. But most of all we hope that it will help you to believe and trust in the Lord Jesus to make you God’s friend and take you to heaven.

I’m sure you know what these are and what they are used for. Everyone is using them to try and stay safe and not catch corona virus. They’re great for keeping us clean on the outside as well as the things around us. But what about inside us? Because we’re full of horrible, nasty stuff from all the bad things we’ve done, said and thought, God won’t allow us into heaven. The Bible calls this sin, when we disobey God, break His rules and don’t want to know Him. So how can we become clean on the inside so we can be pleasing to God and allowed into heaven? It’s not by using things like these, or by trying to make ourselves good enough to go there. We can only be made clean on the inside if the Lord Jesus does it for us. So will you ask Him to take away the bad stuff inside and give you His goodness instead so that God will let you into heaven? We’re told to follow the rules to stay safe from corona virus. God had only one rule for us to safely go to heaven – to believe and trust in the Lord Jesus to take us there. Will you do that and be safe?
Do you know what you should be doing to stay safe from corona virus? Are you doing it? Have you asked Jesus to make you clean on the inside, and to one day safely take you to heaven?


I’m sure you all know what this is. But did you know that God made the Moon, the Sun, the Stars and the Planets, and the Earth and everything on it and in it? Just look up at the night sky on a clear night, and see the wonder of everything that’s there. Think about how everything stays in its place. Think about the Sun, and how it’s in just the right place so that the Earth is not too hot or too cold for us to live on? Look at the Earth and all the different types of places and animals. Do you see something fantastic thatGod has made or not? Just think about how awesome God is, because the Bible tells us that He lives outside everything He has created. Wow! But even than wonderful and greater than everything else He had made, is the way He has made for us to go to heaven by trusting and believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Will you take God’s way to go to heaven, and live with the One who has made all things forever and ever?

Activites: See how many stars you can count on a clear night. See how many constellations (groups of stars) you can find like the Big Dipper (also known as the Plough) and the Little Dipper with the Pole Star in it. Use the internet to help you. It’s really good fun seeing how many you can find. Just make sure you don’t stay out too long and get cold. If you look towards Abertillery, you will see a bright object in the sky with a less brighter one to its left and just above it. These are the planets Jupiter and Saturn. If you get to stay up later, you may be able to see the planet Mars above the mountain behind East Pentwyn. See if you can find them. If we ever get back to normal, perhaps one Friday night I’ll bring my telescope to Youth Club so we’ll be able to have a good look at the planets and see how God has wonderfully made them. In the meantime, you can check them out either in books or on the internet. Also look out in the sky for meteors or shooting stars as they are known. Make sure you look at and enjoy the night sky safely. P.S. Don’t stare at the Sun or look at it through binoculars or a telescope as it will hurt and damage your eyes. 
But the bestest, greatest and most wonderful activity you can do is not to just enjoy God’s wonderful creation, but enjoy being with the God who made it all both now and forever. Will you do that by trusting and believing in the Lord Jesus to make you God’s friend?

Can you un-jumble the letters to make the names of the planets God has made?
Ucyermr           Nevus        Tahre          Rsam              Priutej          Nurtas              Snauar    Enntpu             Ultpo  

What is the name of the star that gives the our planet light and heat? What can you find out about it, like how far it is from us?
What is the name of the bright object that God had placed in the night sky to give light in the dark?
Find out what a galaxy is (clue – it is not a chocolate bar). What is the name of the galaxy that our planet is in? The Twix      The Milky Way      The Milky Bar          The Oreo


Names of the planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

Name if the star is the Sun.

The bright object in the night sky is the Moon.

Our planet is found in the Milky Way galaxy.

Do you know want this strange thing is? (the white metal machine and not the flowery thing behind it). It’s a tumble drier. Do you know what it does? (The clue is in the name). It dries wet clothes and you can use it indoors. So if it’s raining outside, you can put your wet clothes in it, turn it on and it will dry them for you. How many other ways can you think of to dry clothes? Put them on the washing line (if it’s fine) or on the clothes airers (what we called a clothes horse when I was young) to dry them indoors if it’s raining. So there’s more than one way to dry wet clothes, but the Bible tells us that there’s only one way to go to heaven. So the question is not do you know what is it (because I’m sure you already know the answer), but are you taking that way to go there and live there forever with God and Jesus?
Mike’s challenge. Part one of my challenge is to see how many clothes pegs you can hold in one hand (no cheating). Part two of my challenge is to see how many clothes pegs you can collect off the clothes line with one hand (no cheating like using two hands to hold the pegs). They were easy to do weren’t they? But part three of my challenge is the hardest if all. Because the challenge is to trust and believe in the Lord Jesus to take away the bad stuff inside you, make you God’s friend and take you to heaven. I hope you’ll do all the parts of my challenge, but especially the last one. Then one day we’ll be in heaven together forever with all the other Christians and with God and the Lord Jesus.

Don’t stay in the dark and do 🎃 halloween 

Ask to Jesus to bring you into the light of God’s love by taking away your sin and making your heart clean.