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Take five from listening about how climate change is ruining our planet. Instead, look out of your window and see God’s wonderful creation at this beautiful time of year. We can be concerned about what’s happening to our world, but at the same time we can also enjoy the glory of God’s handiwork this Autumn time.


Wasn’t that a song by John Lennon? Anyway, can you imagine what our redeveloped website will look like? If you can do that, can you imagine what heaven will be like? Then imagine what it will be like for you to be there because you’ve asked the Lord Jesus to take you there. But what if you can’t imagine what that’s like because you haven’t asked Him? Imagine what kind of place you’ll end up in instead. Make sure that your being in heaven is a reality and not just a day dream by asking the Lord Jesus to give you eternal life and a home with a God in heaven.

The Christmas Countdown

Being a really big kid, I love Christmas and on my computer in work I have a Christmas Countdown. It tells me how many days are left until Christmas 🎄. Everyday that passes means there’s one less to Christmas arriving. For the Christian, the Bible reminds us that every day that passes is one day closer to the day when the Lord Jesus will return. Unlike Christmas we don’t know when that will be. But we do know that we are nearer now to the day of His appearing than when we began our journey. As Christians we are to live for God now, and in anticipation of His return. Christmas can be a very exciting time, but how much more exciting is the thought of meeting the Lord Jesus face to face and being like Him? The Bible tells us to think upon such things that they might help us to live for the Lord and to encourage one another with them as we look forward to our glorious future together with our God in heaven.