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The Christmas Countdown

Being a really big kid, I love Christmas and on my computer in work I have a Christmas Countdown. It tells me how many days are left until Christmas 🎄. Everyday that passes means there’s one less to Christmas arriving. For the Christian, the Bible reminds us that every day that passes is one day closer to the day when the Lord Jesus will return. Unlike Christmas we don’t know when that will be. But we do know that we are nearer now to the day of His appearing than when we began our journey. As Christians we are to live for God now, and in anticipation of His return. Christmas can be a very exciting time, but how much more exciting is the thought of meeting the Lord Jesus face to face and being like Him? The Bible tells us to think upon such things that they might help us to live for the Lord and to encourage one another with them as we look forward to our glorious future together with our God in heaven.

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, may you know he sunshine of God’s love and the guiding light of His Word increasing in your life.

How do you do your Christmas shopping?
In the age of technology in which we live, many people now do their Christmas shopping on line from the comfort of their own home. Me – I buy the odd thing off the internet but really I’m old fashioned and like to buy things the traditional way. Perhaps it was being taken by my mam and dad as a child, and experiencing the atmosphere and excitement, as well as all the decorations. For me, touching and seeing things before my eyes beats buying things you only see in a picture from somewhere miles and miles away. But there’s someone else who’s also a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas. And that’s God Himself. He will always keep the same way of us getting to heaven and never change it. He sent His Son into the world that first Christmas time to make a way for us to go to heaven. Today, God’s way to get to heaven is the same as it was – to believe in His Son the Lord Jesus Christ and trust in Him alone to make you right with a God and take you to heaven. So this Christmas time, however you do your shopping, I sincerely hope you will be taking God’s way to heaven.