Our Services

Sunday Services

We meet on Sundays at 11:00am and 5:30pm.

In our services we sing God’s praises, have a time of prayer and hear God’s Word.

You won’t be asked to do anything individually, but we hope that you will feel part of what’s happening in the church.

In our morning service we take up a free will offering (collection) to support God’s work in Blaina and elsewhere, but as the name suggests it is entirely up to you if you wish to contribute or not.

If you are a christian, come and rejoice in God’s love shown to us through His precious Son the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are not a christian, come and find out how God has made it possible for you to become one and have a home in heaven with Him.

We are now meeting on Sunday mornings in the church. The services are being live streamed and are also available on line. We hope that you will join us for worship, prayer and sharing the Word of God, and trust that these times of fellowship will continue to be a blessing to all who participate in them.

Juniteen Sunday Club (the new name for Bible Explorers)

Juniteen Sunday Club takes place during our evening service from 5.30 to 6.45 p.m.

Sadly  there will be no Juniteen Sunday Club until further notice.

Mid-week Meeting

Bible Study is our mid-week meeting And is a time when we meet to study the Bible and pray together. It takes usually place on Wednesdays at 7.30 p.m. at the church unless otherwise advised below. You can take part as much or as little as you like in these meetings. They are a real blessing and benefit to anyone who is already a christian, someone who is seeking to become one and anyone who wants to know what the Bible is all about.

You are very welcome to come and join us for any of these meetings.

As with our Sunday Services, the Wednesday message will be available to hear on line.